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Conservation Awards 2012:

The District honors local students, teachers, farmers and community members for their efforts in the conservation of our natural resources.



John Johnston

Clean Water Farm Award

  The DCR 2012 Clean Water Farm Award was awarded to John Johnston. John has farmed since 1984 on his 45 acre facility in the Burton Shore area harvesting a variety of herbs and vegetables. This farm is unique in the sense that John's crops are picked, packaged and shipped by hand. See more on the District's Agriculture webpage.

Carroll Savage

Wildlife Conservationist Award


  The District honored Carroll Savage of Pungo Creek Farm with the 2012 Wildlife Conservationist Award. Pungo Creek Farm is located seaside along the Machipongo River near Quinby, VA where Carroll farms over 60 acres. Carroll implemented a 10-year contracted CREP program, planting 20 acres in a variety of warm season grasses and forbs which include switch grass and partridge pea. Through FSA's Conservation Reserve Program, Carroll created a 1.1 acre shallow water area for wildlife and a rest stop for migratory birds.

Sally Richardson

Conservation Teacher Award


  ESSWCD awarded Sally Richardson the Conservation Educator Award for making significant contributions towards educating others about our natural resources and conservation practices. Sally Richardson has taught Marine Biology, Anatomy and Biology for 29 years. Sally helped start the Envirothon Program in Virginia in 1991 and has been coaching Northampton High School's Envirothon Team ever since.

Curt Hopper of Pacific Tomato Growers

Conservation Farmer Award

  Pacific Tomato Growers farm over 471 acres in the Nassawadox, VA area under management of Jimmy Hopper. They maintain riparian buffers adjacent to all streams along the edges of fields; and follow a current nutrient management plan to minimize nutrient leaching and runoff. Approximately 80 acres of the tomato crop are certified organic.

Steven Yeung

Conservation Student


  Steven Yeung is a senior and Class President at Broadwater Academy. He was the Envirothon team captain, which placed first in local competition. When asked of Steven's feelings regarding conservation, he said, "Conservation is the link between the past and the present and the key to the future."

Rick Kellam accepted on behalf of Stacy Hammond

Foresty Conservationist Award

  Nominated by Robbie Lewis, the VA Department of Forestry (VDOF) Area Forester, this year's Forestry Conservationist Award was presented to Stacy Hammond who worked above and beyond to enhance forest health, wildlife habitat and protect water quality. VDOF has worked closely with Stacy in conducting forest management practices such as timber stand improvement and pre-commercial thinning of loblolly pine stands. Wildlife habitat has been enhanced by opening the stand canopies to establish early succession cover.


Shane Taylor

Conservation Scholarship


The W. Foster Fletcher Conservation Scholarship was awarded to Shane Taylor who has graduated from Arcadia High School and is attending Randolph-Macon College majoring in environmental studies.


The District would like to thank the farmers, landowners, teachers, students and other partners whose contributions to conservation help assure clean water and productive soil for the future.