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Watershed Walk

watershed squirrel feeding


           The Watershed Walk is a fun, educational festival that is held annually in the fall for Accomack County 6th graders and now in the spring for Northampton County 6th graders. It is sponsored by the Eastern Shore Environmental Education Council. Not only does this educational event help children get ahead at school by focusing on the Science Standards of Learning (SOL’s) for grades 6, it provides a fun-filled field trip for the students. The festival focuses on watershed, aquatic and biological activities demonstrating our relationship to the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and how the Bay is different now than in the 1600's during Captain John Smith times. Participating exhibitors are organizations and governmental agencies who work with schools and Science SOL standards. There are plenty of hands-on activities and interactive displays.  

There are demonstrations of bird beak adaptations, groundwater filtration, how we contribute to our two watersheds, the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, and interactive displays of creatures of our watershed and how stranded animals are cared for and released back into the Bay.

The Watershed Walk is funded through the Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District.         












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