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The Virginia Envirothon is a natural resources competition for high school students. Students work in teams of five. Teams can be created through school clubs, classes, home school groups, 4-H groups, scout troops, local nature centers etc.  The only requirements of a team are a minimum of five students and one adult advisor/chaperone.

  • The Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District sponsors a local competition each year.

  • The teams are tested on their knowledge of natural resources – soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatics and a current environmental issue.

  • Written and hands-on problem solving is required along with an oral presentation formulating a strategy for addressing an environmental issues problem.

  • The winner at the local competition advances to the area and potentially the state competition.

  • The state winner represents Virginia in the National Envirothon.

This year we are looking to expand the program to include middle school teams as well.  Middle school teams would be competing in soil, aquatics, forestry, and wildlife.  They would not be competing in the special topic or the oral presentation.

If you are interested in forming a team or would like more information on the local Eastern Shore competition, contact the Education Director, Julie Head at (757) 302-4433.

2022 Oral Presentation Problem: 

"Waste to Resources"

The learning objectives of the Virginia Dominion Envirothon correlate with the National Science Standards and the Virginia Standards of Learning. Click the links below to find the Learning Objectives for each Envirothon subject area. CLICK HERE to find out more information on the scenario behind the 2022 Oral Presentation Problem.

Specific Resources for the 2022 Oral Presentation: Click here

Eastern Shore SWCD Dominion Envirothon Competition Local Training Day:


The local Training Day sponsored by the Eastern Shore SWCD was held on February 13, 2020 at the Barrier Islands Center in Machipongo, VA. Over 40 local high school students from both Accomack and Northampton Counties participated consisting of six teams that represented Northampton High School, Broadwater Academy, Arcadia High School and Chincoteague High School.

The competition is field-oriented, community based and gives students an opportunity to work with natural resource professionals.  The Eastern Shore SWCD would not be able to sponsor such an event without the help of its local partners every year.  This year's training day had representatives from not only Eastern Shore SWCD but also, Farm Service Agency (FSA), VA Department of Forestry (VA DOF), Anheuser Busch Research Center (UVA LTER), VA Department of Game & Inland Fisheries (VA DGIF), and Northampton County VA Cooperative Extension. These partners conducted trainings in the categories of Wildlife, Aquatics, Soils, Forestry, Effective Presentations, and Special Topic. It was a full day of intense training to help prepare students for the local Testing Day Competition to be held on March 12, 2020.

Cora Teaching.jpg

Eastern Shore SWCD Dominion Envirothon Competition Local Testing Day: 

The local Testing Day sponsored by the Eastern Shore SWCD was held on March 12, 2020 at the Barrier Islands Center in Machipongo, VA. Sixx teams that representing Northampton High School, Broadwater Academy, and Chincoteague High School were tested on their knowledge of soils, forestry, aquatics, wildlife, and this year's special topic "Water Resources: Local Control and Local Solutions." Each team also created and presented a 20 minute presentation to a panel of local judges including Robin Rich-Coates, Sally Williams, Theresa Pittman, and Ursula Deitch.  Broadwater Academy - gold team took home first place, Northampton High School team 1 took home second place and Chincoteague High School took home third place. Broadwater Gold and Northampton 1 will move on to the area competition in Cheasapeke to represent the Eastern Shore in the Area VI Envirothon Competition. 

Dominion Envirothon Area VI Competition Testing Day: 

The 2020 competition is currently on hold due to COVID-19.

First and Second place winners at the local District competitions moved on to compete in the Area VI Competition which was held on April 24, 2019 at Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield, VA.  This year's Area VI Competition was hosted by Peanut Soil and Water Conservation District.  Area VI includes Dinwiddie, City of Petersburg, Chesterfield, Prince George, Greensville, Sussex, Southampton, Surry, Isle of Wright, City of Suffolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Accomack and Northampton.​ First and Second place winners in the Area competitions will then advance to compete in the VA State Dominion Envirothon Competition. 





Dominion Envirothon VA State Competition Testing Day:

This competition is currently on hold due to COVID-19.


Reference: 2019 Virginia State Envirothon Rules

The first place VA State winner will then represent Virginia in the National Competition.

1st Place

Broadwater Academy - gold team

2nd Place

Northampton High School

3rd Place

Chincoteague High School

1stPlace VA Living Museum.jpg
2ndPlace Dinwiddie High School.jpg
3rdPlace Isle of Wight Academy.jpg

1st Place

Virginia Living Museum

2nd Place

Dinwiddie High School

3rd Place

Isle of Wight Academy

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