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Pre-K/Kindergarten Programs

The Snowflake - A Water Cycle Story (Science K.1, 4, 11 and English K.2, 7, 8)  - Students will hear a story about the water cycle and will do a water cycle bracelet craft.

Why Should I Save  Water? (Science K.1, 4, 11 and English K.2, 7, 8) - Students will hear a story about water conservation and do a pasting craft about ways they can help conserve water.

Frannie's Big Adventure (Science K.1, 4, 7, 11 and VA K.11) - This deals with water pollution and how we all contribute to the problem.  Students will participate in an activity to see what happens to Frannie the Fish on her adventure.  We will talk about some of the ways that students can help to make Frannie's adventure better.  Optional Frannie the Fish craft available.

We All Need Trees (Science K.10, 11, English K.2, 7, 8, and VA K.11) - This is an interactive story about all the amazing products that trees provide for us.  Students will complete a leaf rubbing craft.

Squirmin' Herman and Life Underground (Science 1, 6, 7, 10, 11 and English K.2, 7, 8)  - Squirmin' Herman will read us a story about worms and all the ways worms help us.  They will then get up close and personal as they make observations about real red wigglers.  We will make a classroom worm composter that students can observe over a period of time and record the changes.

Litter or Not? (Science K.1, 11, and English K.2, 7, 8) - The Cat in the Hat Comes Back will teach us about pollution/litter.  Students will then learn about natural and man-made items and when they can be considered litter.

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