CLICK HERE for FY20 Cover Crop BMPs info: practices,dates, rates, ​seed types, etc.

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  • NEW annual participant cap of $100,000 per participant for many practices

  • NEW longer spring kill-down window for SL-8B Small Grain Cover Crop ! Must be killed down either            mechanically or chemically between March 15th and June 1st.


Examples of some VA BMPs available for Cost Share or VA Tax Credits:

Cover crops prevent soil and wind erosion, reduce runoff and take up excess nitrogen that

otherwise would leach into groundwater. As biomass from crop residue accumulates, it improves

soil structure and tilth, while also improving moisture retention and drought resistance. SARE

(Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) published Cover Crop Economics report June

2019. CLICK HERE to learn how cover crops enhance soil health.

Several different Cover Crop options available:
(Click on each cover crop listed below to read the current specifications and requirements)
 Cover Crop Cost Share Rates: The cost share rates for implementation of the cover crops above vary between practices along with planting dates and other requirements. CLICK HERE for a quick breakdown chart of FY20 cover crop cost share payment rates and dates.
VA Tax Credits: As set forth by VA Code 58.1-339.3 and 58.1-439.5, VA currently provides a tax credit for implementation of certain BMP practices.  The current tax credit rate, which is subject to change in accordance with the Code of VA, is 25% of the total eligible cost not to exceed $17,500.00
If you are interested in learning more about the VA Ag BMP Cost-Share Program or about specific practices that are eligible for cost-share or VA Tax Credits contact Carmie Savage, District Manager, at (757) 302-4431 or Bill Savage, Conservation Specialist, at (757) 302-4437

The above video was shot during a farm tour that was hosted by the Peter Francisco SWCD. It focuses on cover crop and nutrient management practices that were put in place with the help of funds from the Virginia Agricultural Cost Share Program.

Cover Crops Webinar Series

The following webinars are from the American Society of Agronomy: