Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP) Program

Through funding provided by the VA Soil and Water Conservation Board and the VA Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), the Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District (Eastern Shore SWCD) administers the VA Agricultural Best Management Practice (BMP) Cost-Share Program in Accomack and Northampton Counties. Governor Ralph Northam has announced the availability of $73 million to protect water and soil health through the Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices Cost-Share Program for FY20 program year, which represents the largest-ever investment of state funding to assist farmers implementing conservation practices. 

The goal of the Virginia Agricultural BMP Cost Share Program is to improve water quality in the VA's streams, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay.  Cost Share assistance is offered as an incentive to implement best management practices.  The basis of the program is to encourage the voluntary installation of agricultural BMPs to meet Virginia's non-point pollution reduction objectives.  Emphasis is given on the implementation of agricultural BMPs in locations that provide the greatest nutrient and sediment reductions for the taxpayer's dollar and interest.  Many different practices are offered that can assist landowners and producers in maintaining soil on the land with consequent benefits to crop production and water quality.  More information and specifications of best management practices are found in the most current 2020 VA Ag BMP Manual. Many practices listed are eligible for VA Tax Credits.  


COVER CROP Best Management Practices:


 CLICK HERE for FY20 information on available Cover Crop BMPs 

 POULTRY Best Management Practices:

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