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Environmental Education Programs

Eastern Shore Soil & Water Conservation District is committed to providing teachers, students, and the general public with quality, integrated and hands-on environmental education.  Our education director holds a valid Virginia teaching license and has a number of years of classroom teaching experience in both Accomack and Northampton County Public Schools.

To schedule a program CLICK HERE or call Julie Head at 757-302-4433.

Please click on the following links to see the programs we offer by grade level.  These lessons are aligned to the Virginia SOLs.






  • Formation

  • Soil Quality

  • Super Soil

  • Worm Exploration

  • Conservation

  • Soil Painting


  • Watersheds with model

  • Water Cycle - Incredible Journey

  • Water Quality

  • Fish Printing

  • Conservation

Environmental Quality

  • Climate Change

  • Ocean Acidification

Virginia Studies

  • Commodities Map

  • Regions

  • Agriculture

ESSWCD provides so much more to our local schools and educators. Contact us today regarding ANY of your educational needs from help creating Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience to science fair judging to SOL reviews to Boy Scout Merit Badges.

Environmental Education Director, Julie Head

(757) 302-4433

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